Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mountain Climbing and Kokou no Hito

As a manga reader, I find that the older I get, the more seinen manga that I read. Mostly I think it's just a maturity concept: There is only so many boob windows that I can take in shonen and so many pretty boys in shojo.

So it makes sense that my return to manga would be from a seinen title and also from a mountain climbing manga. Kokou no Hito is a seinen manga, based on a real Japanese mountain climber, written and drawn by Sakamoto Shinichi. This manga was a way for me to see if I am a fan of the mountain climbing sub-genre, and also a way to reapply myself to some serious and emotionally challenging topics.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Apologies for the Hiatus

To everybody who has been posting comments and asking about me, I humbly thank you for pushing me back into the blog.

Some of you might remember, that I was a graduate student working on a degree dealing with the depictions of hikkikomori characters in manga; I am happy to say that I have finished and graduated. (YAY). That being said, I was very much in need of a break from manga for a while and have just put my toe back into the waters to test the temperature again.

I'll have a post up in the next couple of days for the latest manga I finished, but I am looking for some new reading material!

If you have any great recommendations for a lapsed reader, I am open to all genres and mangaka! Please leave a comment in what you think I should be reading and I shall add it to my giant list.

Again, apologies for the hiatus, but I'm back now!